Samsun Turkey

Samsun Turkey and its Black Sea

This city Samsun  in Turkey is very crowded. With its narrow roads and old style buildings.

I have been visiting here every year since 2002. Market places  seem never to change. Market owners sitting outside their

doors sipping tea. As small and narrow as the streets are there sure is alot of traffic. Parking is not something you see or do.

You need some bread, or cigerettes, you just pull over and yell out the window. Two loaves of fresh bread, and a pack of smokes.

Visiting local shops just calls for more tea.

As you arrive in each market store everyone is a friend. They push the buttons to bring in tea.

This is traditional drink in Turkey and its customery to serve guests in home and at shops.

The streets are full of people window shopping. Drinking tea even at parks. Along the roads the people stop to picnic and

drink tea.

Samsun runs along the Black Sea. Its coastline is miles and miles long.  You can eat along the sea and watch the ships roll in.

Lots of activity along the sea, horses and buggies, children enjoying the ferris wheel, and eating attop the mountains overlooking the Black Sea.

A ship sits along the coastline as it did many years ago when Atturk was there.

They say Amazon women warriors lived along the coastline. I followed the trail of Amazons in Samsun to Sinope.

The city is busy but very quaint in its customs. Among younger crowds of the newer generation dressing more fashionable

and drinking Turk Cola. Listening to the lastest western world music. I wonder if they will remember to serve tea when I come

back or if I will get a Turk Cola.


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