Turkish Traditional Breakfast-Welcomes You to Turkiye

So you arrived in Turkey over night, and your Hotel lets you know breakfast is served at 7am.
In the morning your anxious to see Turkey and its historical wonders.
So lets go have our first Turkish breakfast.
depending on which hotels you stay at and which city, your breakfast will vary by regions.
Mostly all hotels serve a traditional turkish breakfast.

   Traditional Turkish breakfast includes:Photobucket

1. Feta cheese called beyaz peynir
Beyaz Peynir (Feta Cheese) is my favorite turkish cheese. Though each region, or and by family, the traditional breakfast may vary.
You will find at most turkish homes and hotels they serve beyaz peynir feta cheese, or for a warm grilled cheese try kaşar peyniri.(varies in regions)
2. Olives (Zeytin) in black and green.
3. Jam (reçel)
4. Honey and butter (balkaymak)
5.Tomato slices (domates), cucumber (salatalik), green sweet peppers (biber)
Possible or addition of:
6. Eggs (yumurta) boiled or with cheese.
7.Omelette (Menemen) cheese or other variations.
8.Turkish sausage (sucuk)
9.Pastrami (pastirma)
10. Soup and bread (corba)
11. Turkish bread
12. Cut fruits like Melon (kavun) or watermelon (karpuz)
13. Simit or poğaça
14. Pastry börek

15. Tea (çay) served all day long too.

Depending in which region your in, like Alanya along with the traditional turkish breakfast,
lots of Germans vacation that spot, so you will see many German foods/espresso’s/coffee on the Turkish breakfast table.
In the Marmaris or Bodrum areas, you will see lots of different kinds of teas, and pastries for the British vacationing for the summer.

Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet, is a fascinating country of contrasts, spectacular is the Mediterranean – scenically beautiful,
with an astonishingly rich legacy of archeologic ruins and historic sites. In Turkish, Mediterranean is called Akdeniz, or “White Sea”.
Hidden coves, castles and cities of the ancient world prefer to call it the Turquoise Coast , where the color of the sea is naturally turquoise.

Did you know?
Well known historical figures such as King Midas of the golden touch, Herodotus, the father of history, St. Paul the Apostle,
and Omar Khayyam, the Persian poet came from Asia Minor; the part of Turkey now called Anatolia?

So glad we had this time to share breakfast. Enjoy your historic visit by listening to this video made in Istanbul.
It will bring you alive and wanting and waiting for your next Turkish breakfast.

Where too next?

Featuring Md. Ameenuddin Obaid, a world traveler who enjoys international cuisine and using his photo abilities to inspire the soul. 
Photo Turkish Breakfast by: Md. Ameenuddin Obaid


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