Turkish Figs

Turkish Figs

While traveling, along side of a road heading toward Ankara, I stopped for fresh Turkish figs.
Turkish figs are filled with potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium. They also have quite a few enzymes: in particular, digestive enzymes.
Turkish dried figs are the original Smyrna cultivar, a species which requires pollination for the fruit to set. Tiny wasps are needed to achieve this pollination. Although many varieties of figs are grown throughout Turkey, the large, sweet, light colored variety known as “Sarilop” which are grown for drying purposes are intensively cultivated in the Izmir and Aydin provinces near the Aegean Sea. Figs are harvested once a year, during mid-August to mid-September.

Inside of turkish fig.
Turkish Figs
Turkish Figs


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