Turkish Cuisine Travels

Turkish cuisine includes many different stews of vegetables and meat (lamb and beef primarily);
borek, kebab, and dolma dishes.
A sourdough bread is eaten with almost every meal.
Borek is a pastry made of many thin layers of dough with cheese, spinach, and/or ground meat.
Kebab is meat roasted in pieces or slices on a skewer or as meatballs on a grill.
Dolma is the generic name for dishes made of vegetables and leaves that are stuffed with or wrapped around rice or bulgur pilaf, ground meat, and spices.

Turks are especially fond of eggplant.

Sweet deserts, such as baklava, are served on special occasions. Restaurants will always carry these deserts and pastry and coffee/tea shops.


Food preparations vary by region and ethnicity. For example, the Black Sea is noted for fish, especially anchovy, dishes, while the eastern region is noted for spicy foods.
Lahmacun, originated in the southeastern provinces once occupied by Armenians.
Pide also is very popular through out Turkiye, and each city has there own region cook/baker.
Pide is by far my favorite Turkish food. You can enjoy it by yourself, or share with friends,
as you see below by Md. Ameenuddin Obaid.

Traveling Turkiye with Ameen

Inspirational International Cuisine Photos by my friend: Md. Ameenuddin Obaid


Thank you Ameen for letting me use some of  your photo’s this summer in my blogs.
Inspiring Photo Credits by: Md. Ameenuddin Obaid

You are my BEST Inspirational Photographer.
Md. Ameenuddin Obaid

Ending Note:
“Hispanic culture is more similar to the Muslims’ culture than it is to American culture,”.


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