It’s Not Good to Break Yourself Being a Hero


As most of you know, we lost  Birdie Birdie (above in green-yellow) almost 1 month ago. It has been very hard on me, as he was my companion that kept me company by my computer. He would sit in his favorite spot, my tripod. He would nap there, many times but would never let me nap. If I dozed off he was sure too wake me by flying by my face or right above my head …just close enough to feel his feathers on me. I fell asleep too many times by that computer, and he knew to wake me each and every time. He loved listening to my keyboard….and most times I would play his favorite songs from a Bollywood radio site. He loved for me to sing his favorite song. When he wanted to play more, he would jump right on top of the computer and stayed there, watching the curser and many times he tried to catch it.  He was a lovable character.  He never wanted his mate Asiaboo to sit on his tripod…..but one day she said I want to sit here too.  After that one day of trying to discourage her, she finally convinced him, I assume she said to him  “she takes care of me too Birdie Birdie.”

Asiaboo will be 2 next month.

Now she has a new mate, and the first day she was real quiet, by the second day she was kissing him! I think because I let her wait awhile, as I looked for a mate, it was hard on me, I broke down and cried at the pet stores. I had been watching all of the birds, and he kinda stood out, he was tall and slender.

I need a name..

He was very active and jumping every where. That’s the way  Asiaboo is,  she never naps,  she has got to stay busy all the time.
Like I said first day or evening, that is,  they were very quiet, but they slept together, I said wow.  The next day I showed him around, where Asiaboo’s playground was, her toys, water, foods, snacks, where he could fly….I was using a wooded perch to carry him around ….he was scared a little at first, but he seem to like to travel by perch too. Asiaboo loves to do that, and jump off.  So I let him experience it by showing him, the top of the cage,  where  Asiaboo knows as her safe zone.

He watched Asiaboo mostly, and then shortly, he tried to fly the route…but got lost in my kitchen. I got him safely back to safe zone. After a few hours he tried flying out of zone again…this time he went to my bedroom, and was hanging by his feet on  my turkish white curtains, I said oh no. I could not reach him with the small perch stick,  so I went to grab my bamboo sticks that were much longer….


I used the bamboo stick to reach him, and when he almost had the other foot  almost down, thats when he flew into the open corner and went down…OMG  he was stuck behind my dresser. The dresser was set in my corner by someone, who decided it should be caddy corner style. This happened also on her  first days for Asiaboo  too. I try to reach over the top of the dresser with the bamboo stick.

I could not get over it,  it was  tall like 6 drawers tall. I took my step stool and put it against the dresser, and I tried again…still I could not reach over, so I jumped and jumped and finally got up on the dresser, but heard a noise near my ribs, but I had to get  the new bird out, I barely could move with that hurt on my side, but I could see him….he was looking up at me….I swung that bamboo stick down….and if,  like he  knew what to do…he jumped right on it, and he let me pull him out.  OMG I was hurting,  but I kept talking to him about not doing that again….and finally we got to the safe zone in the cage. For the rest of the evening him and Asiaboo stayed inside talking and kissing. What an adventure for him. Well my side kept hurting, after talking to a friend the next day,  he convinced me to go to the Dr. or hospital, which I did.(MSI)

I had punchered my lung, thank god I went, I was not feeling well, and it was hard to breathe. I feel much better now, still sore, and my lung is getting back to normal.  Now I know what it feels like to get punched.

There is a tweet going around twitter ….. It’s not good to break yourself  being a #hero. #Addoway  from:  Follow this great lady- PersephoneChild   I titled this blog after her comment.  Well that made me smile, all is well and now I just need a name for my new boy bird. This is him below with  Asiaboo, (he is also above) she sure is sweet on him.


I have alot of bamboo sticks, the birdies use one and love it alot, they use it to sleep on it.
I was thinking of making them a higher cage with it, or use the bamboo as vases.
What do you think?



Turkish Market-USA – Don’t look for inspiration, Be the inspiration.
St. Nicholas known as Santa Claus, was born
and lived as bishop of Myra (Kale) in Turkey.

CLICK  Photo: To Enter Santa’s Favorite Store


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