Charity During the Holidays




Lets not forget the children this year. A little toy or two sure can put a SMILE on a child.    Charity starts in the Heart – not just the Holidays


*There are many ways to help, by far the easiest is to go to a location, and drop off new toys in boxes, for the Toys For Tots Foundation. (With the Marines)                                                                                                                   


*There is also at the Mall or shopping centers, trees with paper angels with a real child’s name, associated with the Christmas Angels.

*Check with the Nursing homes, they always need entertainment, bring your family or children or friends, and sing Christmas songs, maybe you can play the piano too. Call ahead and see if they need any help. I used too take my extra new ornaments to the Nursing homes, and give them out. There eyes light up like Christmas lights!!

*Call ahead and ask the McDonald house that you want to come in and give out stuffed animals. They may have an event that you can join and give them out yourself, or just donate them.

*Maybe a child in the neighborhood, you noticed his shoes, or clothes, or outside with no toys. Be pro-active, and look around you, at work, or the local retail stores.

Remember as I always say… “You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.” 

God Bless the Marines 


Marine Toys For Tots Foundation

“Thank you for your support of the DFW Toys for Tots Campaign!

Our season has just begun and we will be adding local toy donation sites when they begin their collections. If you would like to have your own toy collection box or host an event, please select the hyperlinks on the right side of this webpage and complete the respective forms. Again, thank you for your support!”

For all information see your local Toy For Tots or A Drop Off see the CLICK LINK below:

Marine Toys For Tots Foundation



Charity during the Holidays is a MUST.


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