Guru Following the Steps of the Bee Gee’s Song in NY

Saturday Night stroll through New York
Saturday Night Stroll Through New York

When shooting the opening sequence of the film where John Travolta walks down a Brooklyn street to the Bee Gees’ song “Stayin’ Alive,”the song was actually played so that Travolta would be able to keep his step in synch with the music.

Here is our Guru following the steps of the Bee Gee’s song “Stayin’ Alive.”
We are waiting patiently for the Release of Guru’s much awaited New Album.
In the mean time we sift through his photo’s in hope of clues for the future
of this Punjabi artist. Multi-talented singer and composer, the future is destined to have another Punjabi artist icon. Guru’s Official Facebook Page

Like his friend Bohemia who is the founder of Punjabi Hip Hop, and now is even singing RnB. Bohemia and Guru have recorded a song together, which is yet to be released. This much awaited song also is anticipated by both fans of Guru and Bohemia. Bohemia’s ONLY Official Facebook Page

Bohemia in Bahrain Filming
Bohemia in Bahrain Filming

Young uprising artists and composers who are destined to rule the MUSIC waves soon. The talent between them both could equal many years of experience. Bohemia has set the tone for him, and many others. Though both are different in a sense, they are a talent house ready to challenge the sounds of music, yet to be discovered. Guru has a most beautiful and unique vocals. I cannot wait to hear Guru sing a Bruno Mars song and call it his own. Bohemia is already ahead, by recording and releasing some of his new music soon.

To Guru and Bohemia, we wish you much success in all your new releases and bring you much respect and love. Love you both immensely, your friend Lynn.

Fan Support for Guru

Bohemia and Guru Fan Support

Photo Courtesy Guru: Missing the NY Night life is our #Guru He will be back in NY soon. Until then we need to keep #Supporting Guru Fan Support #Share @guruofficial


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