Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix [Drake]

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix’ is a fusion of two well-known songs from different parts of the world:


English Vocals: Arjun
Male Hindi Vocals: Charles Bosco
Female Hindi Vocals: Saida Tani
Music produced by Arjun & Charles Bosco
Additional Vocals & Keyboards: Jackson Bosco https://www.facebook.com/jacksonbosco…

Video directed by Hasinth Pathirana

Arjun is a World Class Artist with fabulous talents. This song reminds me when he sang Teri Meri Remix [feat. Priti Menon] and this song will hit 1M also.

I was watching and listening to it earlier on repeat, and I fell asleep. Not from boredom, I just thought , I will close my eyes to feel the song. CHARLES BOSCO’s vocals shocked me, or was it Jackson? Arjun’s voice, and the music, was so seksi, so sweet. Arjun had transported me into his world, and I was in his world. I saw him, in my dream, I try not to act surprised, but told him about the song. He was so close to me, had his arm around me, and pulled me close as I talked. Behind us was this building with open windows, and I could hear music, and voices. Arjun left to go into the building, I fillowed the music and voices. I hummed along with someones song, then I found Arjun, practicing and he said come here. He said this is Jackson, I was so intrigued, he actually talked to me. Are you alright he asked, yes, just have so much on my mind, of work I needed done. He said while holding me , you must take care of yourself…..baby. Arjun had transported me me into his world….I woke up ..and I could still feel his warm hands around me..his gaze into my eyes…how did he do that with just a song? I have been in a daze all evening…wondering….but do share the video, and enjoy it, close your eys and see where you go with Arjun,

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix




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