The U.S. Galaxy S5 will soon get a big speed boost thanks to carrier aggregation

Galaxy S5 – Faster than Superman?


Today the U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are your typical LTE devices when it comes to network speeds, but in the next year they could become speed demons. Samsung is introducing to its U.S. flagship phones a technology called carrier aggregation, potentially doubling their speeds. The catch is that you’ll have to wait until U.S. operators actually bring these new aggregated networks online.

You can think of carrier aggregation as duct taping two LTE transmissions in together, allowing devices to send and receive data on two different LTE networks simultaneously. Samsung started offering carrier aggregation on the later versions of the Galaxy S4, but they were only available in a handful of countries like Korea and Australia where the new souped-up networks had already gone live.

But in a hands-on session with the S5 at Samsung’s booth at Mobile World Congress, Samsung Telecommunications America director of product…

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