Amazon Payments starts handling mobile phone bills just in time for its own mobile phone


Amazon(s amzn) is launching a new consumer payments option on Monday that will allow businesses that rely on subscription fees to process their monthly bills through the e-commerce giant.

Reuters first reported on the new program on Monday, but Amazon confirmed the details with me this morning. Companies ranging from music streaming to magazines would be able to tap the new “pay with Amazon” billing option, as well as mobile carriers.

That last option is significant because Amazon looks ready to launch its long-awaited smartphone next week. While Amazon may not become a mobile carrier itself, this service could let customers pay for both their Amazon Appstore purchases and their monthly mobile subscriptions with their Amazon credentials.

Source: Amazon Source: Amazon

Amazon is already working with one carrier, mobile virtual network operator Ting, to process its customers’ monthly payments if they opt to use the service. The PeachDish, which ships you…

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