Poll: Now that iOS 8 has opened up somewhat, will Android users switch?


It’s only been a week since Apple debuted iOS 8(s aapl), but I’ve spent most of that week using the new software. Third-party apps are crashing a bit too much for me to use iOS 8 on a full-time phone — that’s understandable given the beta software status — so I removed it from my iPhone 5s and installed it on an iPod touch. As I said not long after iOS 8 was shown off, I’m impressed by the new features.

ios 8 trio

I think many smartphone users will feel the same way I do. And if you look at the numbers, about 80 percent of smartphone users around the world don’t currently use iOS; they have Android(s goog) phones. Apple’s new software could change that situation, however, because many of the new iOS features were previously exclusive to Google Android. As Ron Amadeo put in an iOS writeup on Ars Technica

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