Report: Facebook rolling out new Snapchat competitor, Slingshot


It appears that Facebook (s fb) isn’t really laying down and giving up the ephemeral messaging game to Snapchat after all. A report from TechCrunch uncovered an app that has rolled out to select markets (not the United States), ostensibly as a successor to previous ephemeral messaging app Poke. The new app, called Slingshot, allows users to quickly take, send, and react to photos and video.

screen568x568According to the app’s iTunes page, Slingshot allows users to augment photos and videos with drawings and text — very close to Snapchat’s features. However, it has a little twist: in order for users to see the photos and videos friends have taken, they must “sling” out a photo or video themselves first. Users can then tap on shots they receive to “react” immediately with a photo or video, or swipe it away to trash it.

It’s not uncommon for Facebook to…

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