New #Song #Fire by|Gitta Bains | Bohemia | @GittaBains @iambohemia @hajispringer

Gitta Bains and Bohemia   Coming Soon " Fire"
Gitta Bains and Bohemia Coming Soon ” Fire”

Gitta Bains and Bohemia Coming Soon with a Brand New Song titled #Fire
Music by Haji Springer.

The List of music keeps getting longer and longer every week for Bohemia.

Bohemia is no stranger to helping out other Artists. There is not a week goes by, The Legend-Bohemia, and his many collaboration projects are geared at helping others, possible partnerships. Whatever the case might be, its a sure a great gesture by the legend. Who would not be interested in working together by the smart legendary artist Bohemia?

Gitta Bains and Bohemia have recorded together before, and played many a show and concerts. Gitta Bains is a Fan Favorite, since working with Bohemia on a popular song titled “Talli”. Together they posse a love of Punjab classic vocals. What will they bring us in this New Song, “Fire”? Being its titled in English is a sure bet its going worldwide. They are sure going to make many many fans happy. The music is being done by a great California music technology producer Haji Springer.

All I can say is that we are in for a great surprise. Gitta Bains last song Roj Shaam Nu featuring rapper Gangis Khan, was out of this world. Had me singing it everyday. I expect nothing but the BEST from these two greats.

Best of Luck Gitta Bains and Bohemia on “Fire” – A sure TOP HIT!


New Song- "Fire"
New Song- “Fire”

Gitta Bains





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