How Apple can succeed in mobile payments with NFC, iBeacon, the iPhone 6 and iWallet


Last week, I was out with my family at an outdoor shopping center. As we walked from one set of retail stores to another, my iPhone buzzed and there on my lockscreen was a notification showing my Starbucks Card. I wasn’t in a Starbucks but instead was within sight of one I’d visited previously.

Starbucks Card balance

Next week at an Apple press event — we’ll be there with a live-blog on Tuesday — we’re very likely to hear that [company]Apple[/company] has cracked the mobile wallet challenge where so many others in the U.S. have failed. And that pop-up notification from my [company]Starbucks[/company] Card, which is also in my Apple Passbook app, got me thinking of how Apple may succeed in the wireless payment space with all of the right moving parts in place at just the right time. It could even benefit the expected iWatch launch.

NFC won’t just be an iPhone 6…

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