Why focusing on your customer first leads to happy attendance


In a city with endless meetups, how do you find the groups with the most value? When I first created the Meetup group, Cloud Mafia, it was meant to be a networking tool for a select group of companies in San Francisco; however, demand quickly gained traction amongst professionals within the city. Cloud Mafia grew from 500 to 2300+ not because of topic or product, but rather a member-centric focus that built a passionate community.

Despite Cloud Mafia’s growth, one piece of feedback remained consistent: members wanted to curate their own experiences versus having outside influencers and sponsorships. As a result, the group has a continuous loop of contribution from members who host, sponsor and present at our monthly functions.

The cycle of support is a core principle to Cloud Mafia and we got here by following three key steps:

  • Great customer experience establishes loyalty and customer voice
  • Great…

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