Malware makers try to cash in with fake YouTube views


Programmers of malware software have found a new way of making their exploits pay: A newly-discovered scam downloads malware to unsuspecting users’ computers and then makes those machines watch YouTube videos to cash in on the video service’s partner program. The malware, dubbed Trojan.Tubrosa, was able to generate more than two million views for videos uploaded by the malware makers, according to security researchers at Symantec.

YouTube has a few safeguards in place to prevent users from gaming the system. Not only does the video service monitor the types of content uploaded to YouTube to make sure that users aren’t infringing any rights, it also monitors for fraudulent clicks, much in the same way Google monitors its ads for irregular activities.

The developers of Trojan.Tubrosa tried to circumvent these safeguards by dynamically changing referrers in an attempt to trick YouTube’s servers into thinking that each view came from just a…

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