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Costumes and so much more
Costumes and so much more

I was shopping yesterday at several retailers and to my surprise all the Halloween and Fall product was set up and ready for you. I saw candy, table settings, outdoor decorations and YES!! COSTUMES too.  I am just going to say this…that’s why you can’t find a costume for you or the kids, during the actual time of Halloween, because they are already being sold now. So I checked online, same thing already too. I went to my friends eBay store and guess what, she has been selling them ALL YEAR long!! Go take a look at her Frozen Elsa, Cinderella, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more characters in her store. Save yourself the time and trouble by having her ship it to you and avoid the hassle of the extreme heat. I saw children’s, girls, adult sizes, and even pets. If your going to that office or club party, or your child needs one, just go take a quick look. She is the most nicest, trustworthy person you will ever meet and has been selling online for many years now.

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