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Poison | New Music Alert | on February 7th. | @Jegzmusic

Hey guys I really need everyone to take a listen to this, it would mean a lot to me if you could give it a listen and share it, tag your friends, send it to everyone you know. I need all the push I can get. “POISON” OUT THURSDAY FEB 7TH! let’s get it 💉💉☠☠

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Get Down | Coming Soon | With our @JuggyD |@MusicByRR | @Ikkanomics

juggy new 1

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We are all very excited for Juggy D and would like to wish him “The Best of Luck” and to the whole Team on this adventure [Get Down] with Rishi Rich and Ikka. May you be blessed with many more fans and a #1 Hit. We are on standby for support.  XXOOXX JD


juggy d red hot




Love Me (Aahista) New #MusicVideo by @realHassanMusic


Wow Hassan’s video shows just what a true passionate person he is, while going about his life, work and thinking about her….

“all that matters is that I know you”  Listen

Just a regular everyday person…nothing commercial about him….this now sets him apart from those other rnb artists
Ginuwine with true emotions..but mostly its his soulful music and those vocals….that first grips you and confiscate’s your soul… deep down ..though this time I am more calmer, not too much crying, more of feeling his heart. Now I cry…. beautiful simple video, where he lets us in to his moment…

“You’re everything that I wanted … You’re everything that I’ll know”  Listen again!!

Click Video below:

Published on Sep 1, 2016
Official Music Video by HASSAN performing Love Me (Aahista).

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Produced by  DYAD Sound
Directed by HASSAN, Hasin Chaudhary and  Nadir Baig
Edited by HASSAN

© 2016 The Note Media Group
With respect song, video, lyrics etc.belong to Hassan and his Team.
Personal note to Hassan:
Thank you Hassan, you’re the BEST RnB producing artist. I wish you the best of luck on this song “Love Me [Aahista] May your journey lead you to more successes in your future. I wanted to tell you that, as much as I enjoy your vocals, I was thinking who do you sound more like…I thought of all the best RnB artists out there, and I could not put my finger on it till yesterday…’re a version of “Prince”…yes and more.



Hassan the actor

[Screen shot above]

One of my favorite musician’s, I mean actor, oh my gosh, just watch and laugh. Actually this artist vocals kill me each time I listen to him. Today I found this in my mailbox and he done killed me with this acting video. Its a wonder we love him so much. At the bottom of video, I will show you what he is really made out of. Get your tissues ready, for he is my RnB favorite artist. Thank you Hassan for this ..still laughing and crying. XXOOXX L.Y.

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The Collaboration of #Punjabi and #Latin Vocals | COURT | @Deepjandu @ParmbMusic @DiCap0 @GittaBains

Court | Sukh- E | Gitta Bains | Deep Jandu | Parma | Gangis Khan | Dicapo | Speed Records
Court | Sukh- E | Gitta Bains | Deep Jandu | Parma | Gangis Khan | Dicapo | Speed Records


When I first heard this song “Court”, I was elated to find a latino singing -rapping within this Punjabi song. I have dreamed of this collaboration for several years. Please take a listen below, its not that much latin, but its enough to say “Thank You” to Deep Jandu.  I have noticed this young producer recently moving forward more and more each week. Keep this up Deep Jandu, before long, you will cross over to USA streaming. Everyone in the video below is mention in name, so you can follow them. I have done music shows, radio, TV shows, talent shows, modeling, and so much more, and I love all music. If I like your music, it will probably end up in one of my many blogs.

Court | Sukh- E | Gitta Bains | Deep Jandu | Parma | Gangis Khan | Dicapo | Speed Records

Published on Jul 24, 2016
Song – Court
Artist – Sukh-e,Gitta Bains, Deep Jandu, Parma, Gangis Khan, Dicapo
Music – Sukhe Muzical Doctorz & Deep Jandu
Lyrics – Daljit Chitti
Video – ANT
Label – Speed Records

[All Rights in respect belong to Artists mentioned above and Speed Records]

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deep jandu court

Latino artist

Latino artist

The prisoner on the run in video.
The prisoner on the run in video.

New Video and Music | From @ThisIsDahek | Coming Soon

Dahek Working The Crowds


Performer | Entertainer | Singer | Songwriter


Dahek aka “The Desi Pitbull” is about to Release a New Video and Song.

The title of his song/video is Mawali Laundey.

It will be dropping soon. If your not subscribed to his You Tube Channel do it quickly, as not to miss anything.

This New song Mawali Laundey is off his New Album, which he is working on now.

below are the most important links to keep updated on Dahek.


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Coming Real Soon
Coming Real Soon

Take a Look at this below:

Dahek | @ThisIsDahek | Completes Recording | 2nd Track | #WHATSAPP

New Album-Coming Soon.
New Album-Coming Soon.

Dahek had an amazing time recording with Sumit Grover, his second track, titled #WHATSSUP for his upcoming New Album.

Less than a month ago he finished up his first track #MAWALI_LAUNDEY, Music by mere bhai Millind Gaba.

Dahek has great performance quality, along with his vocals. He is charming and carries alot of energy.
His energy has taken him around the world traveling to wherever he is needed to perform.

We are full of anticipation to hear his new album. This will be his first album, and his fans are on standby to help support Dahek in spreading the word.

He does alot of Live performances and you will be glad to know, he has also shared the stage with the Legendary Bohemia.

What a great album it will be. I can hardly wait for this artist known as Dahek…but AKA as The Desi Pit Bull.

Best of Luck Mr Dahek. You will knock them dead, and be a contender for a TOP HIT!!


Dahek aka The DesiPitBull
Dahek aka The DesiPitBull
Completion of 2nd Track
Completion of 2nd Track


Live Show
Live Show