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Official Trailer of Hindi Medium | Irrfan Khan | Saba Qamar & Deepak Dobriyal | In Cinemas May 12th. | @HindiMediumfilm

hindi medium guru promo

I am from USA,  and we do the same here, except the parents camp out for those prestigious schools,  when they have only select number of spots available. Either way,  in this Trailer it looks like a lot of fun for the whole cast.  Though I am not sure if it will show in USA,  as we have not heard yet, but we got till May 12th. to camp out for tickets if we must.  Best of luck to the whole Team at Hindi Medium.  Actually I am a huge fan of Guru Randhawa, and he has let us know that his Super Hit “SUiT” is being “Bollywood” styled to fit into this movie- Hindi Medium. So we don’t know yet any of the details, but he lets us know that the song will be out soon.

Check out the Official Trailer below.  

Published on Apr 6, 2017
Presenting the official trailer of Dinesh Vijan and Bhushan Kumar’s upcoming Bollywood film “Hindi Medium”, Directed by Saket Chaudhary. Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar. Starring Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar and Deepak Dobriyal. In Cinemas 12th May. [All Rights belong to the Team of Hindi Medium.

Below is what we have heard…

BELOW: Saba Qamar – Guru Randhawa and Arjun Artist.

guru arjun movie songguru hindi medium cast 2

Above: Irrfan Khan | Saba Qamar with Guru Randhawa

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Dr. Cabbie | Hollywood or Bollywood? |Trailer

 Vinay Virmani
Vinay Virmani

Coming Soon | Sept. 2014


We can’t wait to see this MEGAHIT of a MOVIE!!

Best of Luck to aLL the cast, and my fav star..

“The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar

Hasinth Pathirana -Film-Director-Producer-Singer on BBC1 The “Interview”

Nihal andHasinth
Nihal and Hasinth

For me as a new fan[new as in not knowing it was him] of Hasinth, I believe he is one of the BEST Film, Music Video, Producer, Director, Editor, and singer. Before I even knew him, I was really loving certain best quality, and production videos. You can tell when one has taken the best equitment, crews, and made the video understandable, to the world. I fell in love with videos of Arjun, RaOol, Priti and Kishan Amin, [Guru -Chhad Gayi ] Junai Kaden, and lots more. But I never knew Hasinth was the producer, or director, etc. to these videos.
These video’s had a “no two were a-like style”, each had its own story line, and the production and quality were amazing. When Priti and Kishan Amin’s video “TUJHE MAAN LOON” came out, I was blown away from the production. Then it was not until months later, I found out he produced it, and I was in awe. How is it the video’s I fell in love with, were all produced by Hasinth? I didn’t name all the video’s, but below you can view his Director’s Cut Video, you can watch bits of his video productions, as you listen to his radio segment on BBC Radio1 with Nihal.

The radio show with Hasinth, was very very good and insightful. You will learn a little bit on what it takes to make a video with Hasinth. You can listen to it below. [Hasinth you were fabulous and smart].

Note: Hasinth and Rahman are two of my fav musical production guys. I consider them like true legends in the making.

Hasinth Pathirana Director ShowReel 2013 [ Below]

Hasinth Pathirana Interviews with Nihal [below]

BBC1 radio with Nihal
Hasinth on BBC1 radio with Nihal

Or here
Hasinth Pathirana Interview with Nihal Here

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix [Drake]

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix’ is a fusion of two well-known songs from different parts of the world:


English Vocals: Arjun
Male Hindi Vocals: Charles Bosco
Female Hindi Vocals: Saida Tani
Music produced by Arjun & Charles Bosco
Additional Vocals & Keyboards: Jackson Bosco…

Video directed by Hasinth Pathirana

Arjun is a World Class Artist with fabulous talents. This song reminds me when he sang Teri Meri Remix [feat. Priti Menon] and this song will hit 1M also.

I was watching and listening to it earlier on repeat, and I fell asleep. Not from boredom, I just thought , I will close my eyes to feel the song. CHARLES BOSCO’s vocals shocked me, or was it Jackson? Arjun’s voice, and the music, was so seksi, so sweet. Arjun had transported me into his world, and I was in his world. I saw him, in my dream, I try not to act surprised, but told him about the song. He was so close to me, had his arm around me, and pulled me close as I talked. Behind us was this building with open windows, and I could hear music, and voices. Arjun left to go into the building, I fillowed the music and voices. I hummed along with someones song, then I found Arjun, practicing and he said come here. He said this is Jackson, I was so intrigued, he actually talked to me. Are you alright he asked, yes, just have so much on my mind, of work I needed done. He said while holding me , you must take care of yourself… Arjun had transported me me into his world….I woke up ..and I could still feel his warm hands around me..his gaze into my eyes…how did he do that with just a song? I have been in a daze all evening…wondering….but do share the video, and enjoy it, close your eys and see where you go with Arjun,

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Tujhe Dekha To) Remix



The Making of Coke Studio- Pakistan Season 6

Live in Pakistan Oct. 26th
Live in Pakistan Oct. 26th



The Making of Coke Studio HD, Pakistan, Season 6 from Coke Studio on Vimeo.

Just to feel these musicians music speak to us, is historical. I was excited when I first heard about it.

I would not known of this, if it was not for Bohemia. I so enjoyed his segment and those lady singers,

were so awesome with him. He needs to get some real professional lady singers to sing with him

all the time. My ears were listening to him, but the whole studio thing, the singers, the players,

I was like in a different place and time. I truly believe Bohemia has more to give than meet the eye.

Everyone was great, and can’t wait to hear more of what is to come.

Guru Following the Steps of the Bee Gee’s Song in NY

Saturday Night stroll through New York
Saturday Night Stroll Through New York

When shooting the opening sequence of the film where John Travolta walks down a Brooklyn street to the Bee Gees’ song “Stayin’ Alive,”the song was actually played so that Travolta would be able to keep his step in synch with the music.

Here is our Guru following the steps of the Bee Gee’s song “Stayin’ Alive.”
We are waiting patiently for the Release of Guru’s much awaited New Album.
In the mean time we sift through his photo’s in hope of clues for the future
of this Punjabi artist. Multi-talented singer and composer, the future is destined to have another Punjabi artist icon. Guru’s Official Facebook Page

Like his friend Bohemia who is the founder of Punjabi Hip Hop, and now is even singing RnB. Bohemia and Guru have recorded a song together, which is yet to be released. This much awaited song also is anticipated by both fans of Guru and Bohemia. Bohemia’s ONLY Official Facebook Page

Bohemia in Bahrain Filming
Bohemia in Bahrain Filming

Young uprising artists and composers who are destined to rule the MUSIC waves soon. The talent between them both could equal many years of experience. Bohemia has set the tone for him, and many others. Though both are different in a sense, they are a talent house ready to challenge the sounds of music, yet to be discovered. Guru has a most beautiful and unique vocals. I cannot wait to hear Guru sing a Bruno Mars song and call it his own. Bohemia is already ahead, by recording and releasing some of his new music soon.

To Guru and Bohemia, we wish you much success in all your new releases and bring you much respect and love. Love you both immensely, your friend Lynn.

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Bohemia and Guru Fan Support

Photo Courtesy Guru: Missing the NY Night life is our #Guru He will be back in NY soon. Until then we need to keep #Supporting Guru Fan Support #Share @guruofficial