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ISHARE TERE | 40 Million Views | Another Back To Back Hit | by Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial

Fans all over the world have fallen in love with Guru Randhawa’s latest Superhit “Ishare Tere” featuring Dhvani Bhanushali.

Thank You to all the fans who have discovered joy and happiness in Guru’s music. There is not a day that goes by we hear a new country, or a remote village has heard the song. They were so impressed they send us videos, photos, drawings, sketches on their love for the music and Guru.

Thank you again everyone. I am an Admin at one of his fan support Twitter pages.

Guru Fan Support on Twitter-here

Thank you also Director Gifty for sharing all the extra cuts on Ishare Tere, “Behind the Scenes” it sure is appreciated by us all.

Watch n Listen to full Ishare Tere-here


Official Bohemia Apparel Collection | @iambohemia

Featuring a Bohemia Collection
Featuring a Bohemia Collection

Great Gifts!!!

On Bohemia and His Apparel Collection

Stay Up Movement

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World Wide Musicians Travel to Canada @GittaBains @iambohemia @kaurBMusic

Punjabi Virsa Day
Punjabi Virsa Day

From all over the world, Punjab musicians traveling to Canada [Wonderland]
to help celebrate Punjabi Virsa Day on Aug. 23rd.

What a great time everyone will have with the likes of many artists like:

#Bohemia @iambohemia @Gittabains #AKay #GippyGrewal @kaurBMusic #JassiGill and many more. Just take a look at the poster banner. Be safe everyone.

This Is Dahek aka TheDesiPitBull

Dahek aka The DesiPitBull
Dahek aka The DesiPitBull


Dahek - The latest in Entertainment for all your Events.
Dahek – The latest in Entertainment for all your Events.


Book‬ your β€ŽEvents Early with Dahek for 2014-15
Dahek – Will Give you an β€ͺβ€ŽExperience‬ Of β€ŽEntertainment‬
Like no other β€ͺβ€ŽArtist‬.
Known as “The Desi Pit Bull”
He has performed with many elite performers[see names above]
He takes Entertainment to another level- Pure excitement and full of energy
Audience Participation and creative fun at all Events.
Book Your Events Now as his Calendar fills up quick.


Dahek - performing
Dahek – performing

Dahek Live Show Videos-You Tube

Offcial Facebook Page Of Dahek

Dahek On Twitter Here

Check More Photos below:

“Dahek” on Bundlr