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Heartbroken by Roach Killa + Garry Sandhu + NASEEBO LAL


Moviebox Presents
Heartbroken – The Official Video
By Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu & Naseebo Lal
Music By Vee
Lyrics By Deepa Bandala
Video By Cineverse & Blitz

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Heartbroken [Main version] iTunes

Heartbroken [Roach & Garry Version] iTunes

Heartbroken [Amazon]

Heartbroken Video Link

Movie Box On Line-UK

All rights to the song and video above belong to Movie Box OnLine, Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu and all its “HeartBroken” Team listed.


Thank you Roach Killa and Garry Sandhu!!
Heartbroken by Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu, and Naseebo Lal. Links above for iTunes and Amazon.

I am so loving this song so much. I recommend it to anyone. The vocals in this song all blend so well into the heart and soul. LuB RK

Guru on Lokdhun Punjabi

Dardan Nu- Guru
Dardan Nu- Guru

Website : http://www.guruofficial.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OfficialGuru
Twitter : https://twitter.com/guruofficial
Instagram : http://instagram.com/guruofficial

@guru_fans @guruofficial #Guru #Updates

Guru Updates
Guru Updates

#Note: Listenup Guru Fans: Six [6] Music Videos to be launched in next Six [6] Months….Three [3] from album]AND Three[3] New Singles] StayTuned.

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Guru’s Official Facebook Page

Guru on Twitter

Guru Fans On Twitter

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NYE with Guru- Performing At Anarchy

NYE with Guru- Performing At Anarchy

Party w/Guru Performing LIVE at ANARCHY Delhi (NCR)
for NYE Passes:+91 98106 29111 /+91 9911938569
The Latest Sensation “Guru” will be Singing MANY SONGS
from his latest Album PageOnE.
Spinning is Dj Hitesh The (Official Dj Of #Bohemia).
You don’t want to miss this PARTY.
Click Photo for Message.

Guru’s – Dardan Nu – International Hit

Guru's - Dardan Nu - International Hit

The lyrics, music, and the production are definitely the best. Every moment of music is beautiful and heart-felt. It’s PERFECTION all the way through. I can’t even choose a favourite song. Guru’s vocals are very unique and you should BUY the whole Album, Page One.
Click Photo to hear Song.

Guru in Dardan Nu – A MUST WATCH ROMANCE Video

Broken hurtful romance. I cried and still cry. The emotions are so real…

Guru’s New Album “Page One” Released

PageOnE Album with 10 tracks
PageOnE Album with 10 tracks

The Best Album You’ll Find – Definitely loved this Album…
His voice, the lyrics, and the music were definitely the best I’ve heard for a long while. Guru is definitely talented and his vocals are one of a kind.

Guru Official

Fan Support

You can purchase Album or singles on iTunes or Amazon.

Page One-Album of Guru
Page One-Album of Guru


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