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Uno Más | C. Finn x Dilly | New Music @Dillythatkid

Here is the way to end the summer with a fun song “Uno Más” by that silly guy Dilly and his amigo.

He writes: **NEW MUSIC ALERT** oh my god I had so much fun making this song and music video with my partner in rhyme cfinnboi. We have been working on a project entitled “Where’s the Fun” for some time now, and we are finally ready to start rolling them out. As the project title suggests, we’re bringing the fun on this thing and letting our personalities shine right through our music. It would mean the absolute world to me if you took the time to listen. The full music video is here ➡️Uno Más ⬅️

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Here is a preview clip of video.⤵️

Have a great time.🕺🏽🕺🏼

Official Bohemia Apparel Collection | @iambohemia

Featuring a Bohemia Collection
Featuring a Bohemia Collection

Great Gifts!!!

On Bohemia and His Apparel Collection

Stay Up Movement

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Lowrider Bohemia

Lowrider Bohemia
Lowrider Bohemia

Check out this restored old school lowrider. Who’s comin with me for a ride? #Westcoast #LA

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Keeping it low...
Keeping it low…


Keeping it low and real #Westcoast
Keeping it low and real #Westcoast


Hanging out on home turf in San Francisco area, [Bay Area] California with long time friend J. Hind , Haji Springer, and others. Just another night out with the boys doing what they do best…..real talk. Take a look. Bohemia says they will be bringing more short clips. Gives his fans a chance to see his real life in the USA. [sirens are heard as they film] …..

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