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Fake Friends (New Music Video) By: Haji Springer | The PropheC | @Hajispringer @ThePropheC


Fake Friends (Music Video) Haji Springer, The PropheC

Published on Feb 15, 2017
Kali Denali Music proudly presents ‘Fake Friends’ by Haji Springer and The PropheC.
Music by Haji Springer.
Video Directed by BC & Haji Springer.
Music Video produced by Aman Singh.

Cameo appearance by Bohemia.

All Rights of this video, and music belong to >> © Kali Denali Music 2017

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Sometimes its all about them “Fake Friends” …LOL | Best of Luck to the Team Kali Denali Music and Haji. To support is easy, just use icons below to REPOST or TWEET.



Direct Link to “Fake Friends” Video.


Tu Meri Rani | Guru Randhawa ft. Haji Springer

Guru Randhawa Ft. Haji Springer
Guru Randhawa Ft. Haji Springer

Tu Meri Rani | Guru Randhawa | ft. Haji Springer

Guru Randhawa on Twitter
Haji On Twitter

Direct Link to Video | Tu Meri Rani


Guru Randhawa | Superstar
Guru Randhawa | Superstar


Published on Apr 20, 2016
[All Rights belong to Guru Randhawa and its Tu Meri Rani Team.]


Tu Meri Rani by Guru Randhawa & Haji Springer

A Panasonic Mobile MTV Spoken Word Presentation
Digitally Powered by One Digital Entertainment
Hear It First On Saavn at http://saa.vn/tumerirani
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/tu-…
Singer: Guru Randhawa
Lyrics & Composition: Guru Randhawa
Rap & Music: Haji Springer
Mixing & Mastering: Rajat Nagpal
Connect with MTV at http://www.facebook.com/mtvindia
Guru Randhawa – https://www.facebook.com/GuruRandhawa

Gaddi Meri | Sunny Boy Ft. @HajiSpringer | #KDM Mixtape V1

New Music
New Music

Haji On Twitter

Published on Jun 19, 2016
Kali Denali Music presents ‘Gaddi Meri’ by Sunny Boy Feat. Haji Springer. Music Haji Springer. This is the sixth street banger from the KDM Mixtape Volume One.

All Rights belong to © Kali Denali Music 2016


New #Song #Fire by|Gitta Bains | Bohemia | @GittaBains @iambohemia @hajispringer

Gitta Bains and Bohemia   Coming Soon " Fire"
Gitta Bains and Bohemia Coming Soon ” Fire”

Gitta Bains and Bohemia Coming Soon with a Brand New Song titled #Fire
Music by Haji Springer.

The List of music keeps getting longer and longer every week for Bohemia.

Bohemia is no stranger to helping out other Artists. There is not a week goes by, The Legend-Bohemia, and his many collaboration projects are geared at helping others, possible partnerships. Whatever the case might be, its a sure a great gesture by the legend. Who would not be interested in working together by the smart legendary artist Bohemia?

Gitta Bains and Bohemia have recorded together before, and played many a show and concerts. Gitta Bains is a Fan Favorite, since working with Bohemia on a popular song titled “Talli”. Together they posse a love of Punjab classic vocals. What will they bring us in this New Song, “Fire”? Being its titled in English is a sure bet its going worldwide. They are sure going to make many many fans happy. The music is being done by a great California music technology producer Haji Springer.

All I can say is that we are in for a great surprise. Gitta Bains last song Roj Shaam Nu featuring rapper Gangis Khan, was out of this world. Had me singing it everyday. I expect nothing but the BEST from these two greats.

Best of Luck Gitta Bains and Bohemia on “Fire” – A sure TOP HIT!


New Song- "Fire"
New Song- “Fire”

Gitta Bains






Hanging out on home turf in San Francisco area, [Bay Area] California with long time friend J. Hind , Haji Springer, and others. Just another night out with the boys doing what they do best…..real talk. Take a look. Bohemia says they will be bringing more short clips. Gives his fans a chance to see his real life in the USA. [sirens are heard as they film] …..

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Brand New SwaG by Bohemia

Brand New SwaG by Bohemia

[Jahan Shah Bohemia da shahgird]

Mere veriyaan mere tho sadan mere yaar mere haadi
Mere pichey gallan karan mere naal mere saati
Yeah . . yeah. . .!!
Meinu karan chale kaid mere hathan’ch CIGAR
Karan roz navi kudiya nu pyaar
Hun keda sadde vaaste tyaar
Ohh shit. . .!!

BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper

Translated by: Jahan Shah


Jahan shah Bohemia da shahgird
Jahan shah Bohemia da shahgird


“Brand New Swag”

Tune in to Bohemia’s new track “Brand New Swag” w/ Panda and Haji Springer
A Live Premier on BBC Radio 1 with Nihal, Wednesday 21- 2014! [Click Photo to hear radio]