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Three Artists In History Making

Wow Maluma you are just breaking all barriers.

“VAMOS QUE VAMOS! Gracias familia todo esto es gracias a ustedes πŸ™πŸ»!”


Perge – Turkey

Perge - Turkey

The outer gate, reconstructed in the modern period, was part of the walls erected around Perge in the fourth-century CE. [My Travels to Turkey]

Traveling to Perge Turkiye

Perge Turkiye
Perge Turkiye

The main gate of Perge was protected by two round towers; they were built before the town became a Roman possession (188 BC).

The halls and the courtyards were decorated with many statues. These were unearthed in the 1980s and have been relocated to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya. I saw the statues also at the Museum. I love going back to Turkiye each year and discovering Β more history.