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Patola Hit Maker Guru Randhawa | Interview with HT | @GuruOfficial


Take a seat and watch our Guru Randhawa up close and personal, on this 40+ minutes Interview.  Lots of singing too. Enjoy.  Thank you Hindustan Times for this wonderful interview.

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Here is what Guru Randhawa is working on now [Bollywood] song.


#Bohemia | The Punjabi Rapper In Conversation with @JuggyD

boh jug3

Above is Juggy D and Bohemia [2013 photo] On the radio BBC Asian Network is Juggy D interviewing Bohemia from LA, California [Aug. 14th, 2016]. Short interview where Juggy asks the Legend Bohemia about his new album “Skull and Bones”. Bohemia said his album is ready, and is waiting on T-Series now, which could take a month or so. Juggy D, has always sounded great on Radio, maybe he will be a permanent  DJ for BBC. The interview is short, so take a quick listen below on LINK.

Juggy D Interviewing Bohemia

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skull bones bohemia

KDM and T-Series Presents | Skull And Bones

The Final Chapter | Music/lyrics Bohemia

  Album Coming Soon

Bohemia Updates on Twitter

Best of Luck to Bohemia and his Team on upcoming new album.

With respect, album cover and title solely belong to Bohemia and his Team


Bohemia Interview Behind The Scenes

dubai boh 5
Bohemia with Blondelle [Radio DJ on Interview]

Below is the Interview. This was recorded while the commercials were on. Listen to his funny comment on Imran Khan.

Hope you enjoy.

[ Besides Blondelle from [Radio Spice 105.4.] I see Fan and Photographer
Omer Pervez  and Mr. Farrukh Khan. ]



Brand New SwaG by Bohemia

Brand New SwaG by Bohemia

[Jahan Shah Bohemia da shahgird]

Mere veriyaan mere tho sadan mere yaar mere haadi
Mere pichey gallan karan mere naal mere saati
Yeah . . yeah. . .!!
Meinu karan chale kaid mere hathan’ch CIGAR
Karan roz navi kudiya nu pyaar
Hun keda sadde vaaste tyaar
Ohh shit. . .!!

BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper

Translated by: Jahan Shah


Jahan shah Bohemia da shahgird
Jahan shah Bohemia da shahgird


Hasinth Pathirana -Film-Director-Producer-Singer on BBC1 The “Interview”

Nihal andHasinth
Nihal and Hasinth

For me as a new fan[new as in not knowing it was him] of Hasinth, I believe he is one of the BEST Film, Music Video, Producer, Director, Editor, and singer. Before I even knew him, I was really loving certain best quality, and production videos. You can tell when one has taken the best equitment, crews, and made the video understandable, to the world. I fell in love with videos of Arjun, RaOol, Priti and Kishan Amin, [Guru -Chhad Gayi ] Junai Kaden, and lots more. But I never knew Hasinth was the producer, or director, etc. to these videos.
These video’s had a “no two were a-like style”, each had its own story line, and the production and quality were amazing. When Priti and Kishan Amin’s video “TUJHE MAAN LOON” came out, I was blown away from the production. Then it was not until months later, I found out he produced it, and I was in awe. How is it the video’s I fell in love with, were all produced by Hasinth? I didn’t name all the video’s, but below you can view his Director’s Cut Video, you can watch bits of his video productions, as you listen to his radio segment on BBC Radio1 with Nihal.

The radio show with Hasinth, was very very good and insightful. You will learn a little bit on what it takes to make a video with Hasinth. You can listen to it below. [Hasinth you were fabulous and smart].

Note: Hasinth and Rahman are two of my fav musical production guys. I consider them like true legends in the making.

Hasinth Pathirana Director ShowReel 2013 [ Below]

Hasinth Pathirana Interviews with Nihal [below]

BBC1 radio with Nihal
Hasinth on BBC1 radio with Nihal

Or here
Hasinth Pathirana Interview with Nihal Here