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Hassan the actor

[Screen shot above]

One of my favorite musician’s, I mean actor, oh my gosh, just watch and laugh. Actually this artist vocals kill me each time I listen to him. Today I found this in my mailbox and he done killed me with this acting video. Its a wonder we love him so much. At the bottom of video, I will show you what he is really made out of. Get your tissues ready, for he is my RnB favorite artist. Thank you Hassan for this ..still laughing and crying. XXOOXX L.Y.

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Ankur Raina-Mere Haule Dost


Spotlight – Ankur Raina
by Pramida

Ankur Raina is a passionate young cinematographer. Born in Srinagar in Kashmir, taking photographs was his favorite childhood pastime. He studied Cinematography from Whistling Woods International. His brings a CAN do attitude to the sets & would go to any length to get the right shot! He is a social network fiend who loves to travel, & on his completely off days, he loves to cook and sleep. His preparations of Rogan josh are a treat for anyone!

Credits and more details on the New Movie click link below:


Wonderful movie for Hyderabad, India

Let us know how it is…as we in USA are waiting on several movies to open here.

Sometimes you wonder…..what if

...wonder why you don't spend more time with that person...
…wonder why

“Sometimes you see a person, and you wonder why you don’t spend more time with that person, because they’re like one of your favorite people. And then they say something and you remember why you don’t.” #Buscaglia

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