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Love Me (Aahista) #Releases Sept.1st by @realHassanMusic


Love Me (Aahista) Releases Sept.1st by Hassan | Official New music video at 10 AM EST.
Watch on http://goo.gl/nkSdUv

I will be back tomorrow to add here, but it will be on Link above. Below is a sneak peek.
Gud nite ya’LL from USA.




Hassan the actor

[Screen shot above]

One of my favorite musician’s, I mean actor, oh my gosh, just watch and laugh. Actually this artist vocals kill me each time I listen to him. Today I found this in my mailbox and he done killed me with this acting video. Its a wonder we love him so much. At the bottom of video, I will show you what he is really made out of. Get your tissues ready, for he is my RnB favorite artist. Thank you Hassan for this ..still laughing and crying. XXOOXX L.Y.

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Forever Alone | Promo

Click Photo: New Video on You Tube OUT Now.



Forever Alone | Promo

Fall In Love This Summer……….

Music Should Express Feelings

Music expresses....

*His eyes speaking the music

that is in my heart…

I feel every note he plays
so deep…..etched in my heart

A one time song that makes your heart cry
For the song ends with an unspoken sound

*His eyes speaking the music
that is in my heart…

Partial Song by: L.Yildiz©