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BabyBash Performing Memorial Day Ft.Worth [#DFW]

BabyBash Performing Memorial Day Ft.Worth [#DFW]

w/ DJ DANNY WEST-Sunday 05/25/14 at the Vee Lounge in Ft. Worth.
Do NOT Miss BabyBash, an RnB, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin style, Legend,  producer, writer, singer artist. His collab list reads like a phonebook. His music list is even longer. Everyone loves BabyBash, he is very much part of our lifes. [Click photo for updates]


PTC-Punjabi Music Award Winner- Guru

Guru Wins PTC Award-Punjabi Music Awards 2014
Guru Wins PTC Award-Punjabi Music Awards 2014

OMG- We Won!!! We Won!!! ..well you won!!! LOL.
Wow – You have won the annual PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Debut Male. There is no artist who deserves the recognition more than you, Guru. You gave us a whole album with so many melodies. You and your brother and the rest of the mangement team, have contributed so much, that the Page One Record business has never been more successful.
The Award is an apt recognition for your own individual input into the overall success. I know that with the same levels of dedication, we can see a long and very successful musical [artist and actor] career in your future. Everyone recognizes the passion that you put into this.
The hard work, dedication, have been an inspiration to many fans, family and friends. We wish you all the best in the future.

Many Blessings to our Guru.


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Be ready for more from Guru-coming soon!!


More to come from Guru
More to come from Guru














Vote for Guru

Vote for Guru

Sms BDM5 to 56060. Fans Help GURU to Win “Best Debut Male” in
‎”PTC MUSIC AWARDS‬.” “Guru Fans” Vote now.
Zinni War marzi vote kar sakde ho.
You can vote as many times as you want.
Thank You for your support always.
Keep Voting.
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 Dardan Nu by Guru

Bohemia’s Instagram

Bohemia's Instagram

Bohemia’s Instagram self photo shoot. I try to post to some of his fans who have no Instagram account. I usually wait a couple days later, so a new flow of fans, will be able to see them.


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SouthaLL by Guru About To Drop [@guruofficial]

Be ready to dance. All the songs on his album “Page One” will move you to your core and evoke every emotion within you.

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Roj Shaam Nu

 Gitta Bains ● Feat."Gangis Khan"
Gitta Bains ● Feat.”Gangis Khan”

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