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On My #Travels to #Turkey

I happened to glance in the door, and I saw ladies, and girls, some making pita bread, and others cutting tomatoes. I think the party was in the kitchen.

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Rocky Mountains – Colorado

Rocky Mountains - Colorado

During summer, I come here to get away from the Southern heat of the summer sun.[Photo is mine] Last year there was a natural event occurance. Due to recent flooding, there are still some closures in the park that could affect your visit. Due to the flood, back country travelers may encounter different conditions than they have experienced in the past. Visitors may find missing foot bridges, missing trail segments, uneven trail surfaces, unstable slopes, falling trees due to soil moisture, rutted trails, damaged water bars and steps, difficult water crossings, and missing directional signs. Visitors should be prepared. Most of Rocky Mountain National Park is designated wilderness, where self-reliance, discovery and adventure are expected. Before your next trip, check out the website for phone numbers to call.

Call or Check out the Website Here

Ömer Altıok Photography

Ömer Altıok Photography

My Turkish friend Ömer Altıok lives in Germany. He is the Photographer. Shot from his iPhone only.

Traveling to Perge Turkiye

Perge Turkiye
Perge Turkiye

The main gate of Perge was protected by two round towers; they were built before the town became a Roman possession (188 BC).

The halls and the courtyards were decorated with many statues. These were unearthed in the 1980s and have been relocated to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya. I saw the statues also at the Museum. I love going back to Turkiye each year and discovering  more history.

Simit Simit

Samsun Turkiye
Samsun Turkiye

Simit is a food bread or more like a bagel still sold in the streets of Turkey by street vendors. Some sold in simit stores with different varieties; mozzarella simit, olive simit, whole wheat simit… Simit is often eaten as a breakfast food with cheese served with Turkish tea.