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Patola Hit Maker Guru Randhawa | Interview with HT | @GuruOfficial


Take a seat and watch our Guru Randhawa up close and personal, on this 40+ minutes Interview.  Lots of singing too. Enjoy.  Thank you Hindustan Times for this wonderful interview.

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Here is what Guru Randhawa is working on now [Bollywood] song.


Tekamül by Soner Sarıkabadayı | @srkbdy ♫| 1M+ #SuperHit


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Published on Mar 28, 2017
Soner Sarıkabadayı’nın yeni şarkısı Tekamül klibiyle yayında!
Şarkıyı iTunes’dan indirmek için tıklayın;…

Daha fazla müzik için kanala abone olmayı unutmayın;

Şarkı Sözleri
Koskoca Dünya’yı bu ara dar ediyorum sana özel,
Kendime yüzümü kara çıkarabiliyorum duruma gel
Kıyamam sana kıyabilecekken de,
Anla ki o an kalbim devrede,
Aramam seni bulabilecekken de,
İlişkimiz son evrede
Aşk bize göre derine tekamül ediyor,
Kimine göre serine
Dön artık dön hadi evine
Nasıl koyabilirim birini birinin yerine?


Yapımcı: Soner Sarıkabadayı & Sedat Ayrancı
Prodüktör: Osman Çetin

Düzenleme: Osman Çetin
Gitar: Caner Güneysu
Keman: İstanbul Strings
Stüdyo: Ozinga Production
Mix: Osman Çetin, Aerro
Mastering: Çağlar Türkmen

Basın – PR & Marka Danışmanı: Selim Akar
Radyo İletişim Danışmanı: Emre Duymaz
Dijital İletişim Yönetimi: Jeton
Dijital Ses Dağıtım: Eğlence Fabrikası

Menajer: Mert Siliv
Fotoğraflar: Nihat Odabaşı
Klip Yönetmeni: Nihat Odabaşı
Görüntü Yönetmeni: Ferit Çetinkaya
Makyaj: Seçkin Sunguç
Styling: Anıl Can

#sonersarıkabadayı #tekamül #klip #türkçe #türkçepop

Legarda New Music Video due out today! @Legarda


Though we are from USA, we are much in anticipation for this new video song of Legarda. From day one I saw him doing a cover, I saw his infectious charisma and good looks, and knew then, oh yeah he is a super hit. We can’t wait in USA for this new video for, ”  “.

Best of luck Legarda from USA!!!

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Fake Friends (New Music Video) By: Haji Springer | The PropheC | @Hajispringer @ThePropheC


Fake Friends (Music Video) Haji Springer, The PropheC

Published on Feb 15, 2017
Kali Denali Music proudly presents ‘Fake Friends’ by Haji Springer and The PropheC.
Music by Haji Springer.
Video Directed by BC & Haji Springer.
Music Video produced by Aman Singh.

Cameo appearance by Bohemia.

All Rights of this video, and music belong to >> © Kali Denali Music 2017

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Sometimes its all about them “Fake Friends” …LOL | Best of Luck to the Team Kali Denali Music and Haji. To support is easy, just use icons below to REPOST or TWEET.



Direct Link to “Fake Friends” Video.

Amar Chotai – “Girl I Miss You” – PRESS RELEASE



Contact: Arjun Singh / 07912 552 924


Talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Amar Chotai, has an intriguing persona: Doctor by day, and Musician by night. He is following his boyhood dream, with a mission to create happiness and peace through music. ‘Girl I Miss You,’ produced by Blast Studios in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is a delicate and beautiful blend of Western, Bollywood and Indian Classical genres of music, which will pull at your heart-strings, as he strives to break the boundaries, and present something different.

Amar, classically trained in Hindustani vocal music, displays great versatility and flair. He has a soul-stirring voice, and sings with passion, enabling his audience to easily form a bond with him and his music. Having sadly lost his mother at a young age, Amar has used music as a portal to convey his pain and emotion. His debut single has a very soothing melody, complemented by pure, honest and heartfelt lyrics, mirroring his endearing personality. Amar strongly believes that music has healing powers, and is fortunate to practice this: “Being a Doctor I am privileged to save lives… However, being a Musician is a true blessing from God, because I am able to heal and enrich the lives of people from all walks of life.”

“Amar is not only extremely gifted, but a kind, spiritual and soulful person… His voice and music are truly from the heart.” Ben Helm, Session Guitarist, Music Director and Producer

“His song has brought tears to my eyes… Amar has created a beautiful melody, and performed it with great feeling and power.” Das Amarjit Kalsi, Tabla player

Upcoming Live Sets:
November 20th 2016: Newcastle Asian Wedding Fair, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
December 3rd 2016: Amar Chotai Live in Concert, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Radio Play:
Spice FM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Ambur Radio, Birmingham
Gulshan Radio, Birmingham
Radio XL, Birmingham
Sabras Radio, Leicester

Social Media Addresses:
Twitter: @amarchotai
Instagram: amar.chotai

Amar Chotai | “Girl I Miss You…” | Official Music Video below..

Havana | by Kamal Raja aka @Kamal_raja | SuperHit

Kamal Raja

Kamal Raja – Havana (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Produced by : Jasz Gill
Mastered/Mixed: Eastar
Music Label: Bollywood-zone

Video By: Paperclips

All Rights belong to Kamal Raja and his Havana Team.

At this time the video about to reach 3 Million Views on You Tube.

Do continue to watch and support Havana song. Thank you.

Havana by Kamal Raja 


Love Controller | Zack Knight aka @IamZackKnight | (Ft Dayne S) GREAT Video


Zack Knight – Love Controller (Ft Dayne S) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Directed by Luke Biggins & Roger Russel (RR Productions)

All rights belong to Zack Knight and his Team at Love Controller

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